Frankies are a delicious Indian street food, also called Indian burritos. Watch Chef Toni Sakaguchi, from The Culinary Institute of America show you how to make these delicious plant-based frankies filled with cauliflower, spiced MorningStar Farms Sausage Style Crumbles, chickpeas, an egg, and chutney. You can also substitute whole-wheat flour tortillas instead of making the rotis from scratch! Delicious as a breakfast, snack or entrée, or packaged as a to-go item, this flavor and protein-packed frankie is sure to be a hit on your menu! MorningStar Sausage Style Crumbles can be used in place of ground sausage to make any of your favorite recipes plant-based, from pizza, chili, pasta sauce, burritos, stuffed vegetables, and more!

Download the Indian Frankies recipe here!

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