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The Culinary Institute of America presents Conversations at Copia – monthly held events that explore important topics impacting our everyday lives.

In this episode, we examine soil and soil health for our Dirt to Dish Weekend. Watch Alice Waters in conversation with her longtime friend and farmer, Bob Cannard, moderated by Brock Dolman of the Occidental Arts & Ecology Center.

New topics and upcoming Conversations at Copia events to be announced soon:


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Vietnamese home cooking

For a closeup look at southern Vietnamese cooking, let’s join Mai Pham on a visit to her grandmother and aunt in the village of Quoi Son (Kway son) near the city of My Tho (My Toe). Mai and her aunt will prepare a Southern-style meal featuring water spinach seared with garlic over a brisk wood fire; puffy, fire-roasted rice paper sheets; fluffy steamed rice from the local rice fields, and a rustic dish Mai learned from her aunt. As with much of the best cooking, there’s a secret ingredient.

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